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Nucs are not the same as package bees (they are actually small, wooden hives with 4 frames in a box with an entrance), therefore we do not ship them. There are approximately 4 pounds of bees and brood per nuc. The queens we use are from Ohio state breeder stock. The type of bees we have are Cariolans and Italians. Yet, we have no control over what type of drone mates with the queen since it is open mating.

The nucs are $110 (2015) with a $15 deposit fee per box to be returned when the boxes are returned to us in good condition. You may bring your own equipment and transfer the bees to your boxes and save yourself the deposit fee and the trip back to return the boxes.

The 4 frame nucs, with bees, brood and honey are made up in the Manning, South Carolina area, they are treated for nosema & foul brood, along with mite treatment. New queens used in the nucs are raised by us.

The nucs are ready for pick up in Newport, (Central, upstate) New York in early to mid May. If picking up bees in South Carolina please call for directions and pickup time.

Varied elements beyond our control; wet/cold weather, nectar flow, pest/bear threats can vary our arrival time back in NY with the nucs & their pickup dates.

Please call (315) 891-3339
to place an order for nucs

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