Honeys Raw Farm

Nuc Pick up

Plan to pick up your nucs in the early morning before they start to fly or in the evening when all the bees are back to the hive, also any time during the day if it is raining as long as it is raining enough to keep bees in. We do not screen the entrances for a day time pick up because it upsets the bees, they panic, over heat and leave the brood which can set your bees back.

Bees may be transported in the trunk of a car as well as the back of a truck. Remember to bring straps or some type of way to fasten your hives so they don't slide around in the back of your vehicle. Bring your bee suit, smoker and fuel, duct tape to secure the lids and a staple gun and screen material to plug the entrance. For a short distance paper towels stuffed in the entrance works fine.

We do not sell bees during the Sabbath hours (Friday evening at sunset through Saturday evening at sundown.) Friday mornings or Saturday nights are fine for pick up.

Suggestions for Hiving your Bees

Please call (315) 891-3339
to place an order for nucs.