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Suggestions for Hiving your Bees

Upon arriving home with your honeybees place the nuc box at the exact spot you will be putting the hive. Direct the opening of the nuc outward as it will be the hive entrance for the deep box. Be sure and remove the covering to the entrance.

Remember that bees orientate to the spot you place them so if the nuc is set down for a few hours in one spot and then moved to the hive location in another area in your yard the bees will consider the 1st location as their hive and will be homeless when they don't find the box.

We find it best to let the bees settle down for a bit. We wait for the sunny part of the day to transfer them to the deep box. This way the field force is out flying and there is less congestion in the hive. This will make it easier for you to find the queen and gently place that frame in and not crush or roll her. Place the remaining frames from the nuc box around the queen's frame in the middle of your box. Fill the remaining space with your drawn out comb or foundation.

If the weather is cool and rainy be sure to feed your bees to make up for their not being able to get out and bring in their own food.

Don't leave the bees in the nuc box for an extended length of time or they will become too crowded and swarm.

The magazines American Bee Journal and Bee Culture are great sources of honeybee information along with the library and internet if you need additional information.

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