Honeys Raw Farm

About Us

Being dairy farmers and working together as a family is how we began our business and way of life in agriculture. In 1995 our son had the opportunity to work with a local beekeeper and that started us on our beekeeping adventure with 10 hives. We have since grown to over 500 hives, sold the cows, and now not only produce honey but sell honey bees, and have bees available for pollination.

Our honey bees are over wintered in South Carolina where we make up about 500 starter hives (nucs), then in the spring the bees are trucked north for pollination services and honey production. We have found a way to “do what we love and love what we do…” We work six days a week and observe the seventh day Sabbath. We find this a very workable arrangement that God has instructed us with - six days for work and one day for God and family. (Exodus 20:8-11)

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words we’ll leave it at that and let you enjoy our photos.








South Carolina Nucs
Harvesting Honey September 2010 Loading Nucs on Trailer Kids and Bees Kids and Bees Bees on a Semi Oscars Bees Ford's Honey Farm Bee Truck
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